UBRA Members may earn points at UBRA certified events for year end awards (National and State). Titles will be determined by year long point accumulation. Point accumulation runs from 1/1 to 12/31 of each year, (membership active from date of purchase). Any division that has over 50 members qualifies for its own state awards. Divisions with less than 50 members will be combined and known as the “Combined Region”. Runs with penalties will not receive any points. UBRA Gift Certificates are awarded for titles. Gift certificates do not equal cash. Awards and prizes are subject to change.

Annual State & National Hi-Point Standings:
Top 10 National Hi-Point Awards in Each of the Divisions
Top 10 State Awards for any division with over 100 members
Top 5 for divisions with over 50 members.
Choice of Saddle/Gift Certificates to Champion in division with 50+members
(ANY division: Youth, Open, PeeWee, Senior rider AND Open Horse, Futurity or Derby)

Membership Divisions
The UBRA has FOUR divisions in which a RIDER member can earn points and awards. NEW FOR 2018: THE UBRA HAS 3 HORSE INCENTIVE DIVISIONS in which points track by horse.Whichever membership you have is the class and division you can earn points in as well as compete at the UBRA World in.
1. Open Division – open to any age, sex.
2. Youth Division – 17 yrs and under as of Jan 1st.
3. Pee Wee Division – 8 years & under as of Jan 1st
4.  Senior Division –  Riders 50 & over as of of Jan 1st

1. Futurity Division –Horses 5 & under that have not competed prior to 12/1 of year preceding futurity.
2. Derby Division – Horses 7 & under that have are not eligible for the futurity.
3.  Open Horse Incentive – Open to any horse not eligible for the futurity or derby division. Place the horse’s name in the “Member names(s):” box. Any unregistered horses can nominate to the “Open Horse” division. The unregistered horses must show proof of age and picture (copy of coggins work when they have a picture). For all “Open Horses” – make sure you use the same name.