United Barrel Racing Association Rules

Joining the United Barrel Racing Association
Any person may join the United Barrel Racing Association by completing a membership application. The application may be completed online, at a UBRA certified event or mailed. Memberships run from January 1st to December 31st of each year. Contestants must submit completed application and pay said membership fees before points or qualification may be earned. Membership in the United Barrel Racing Association (UBRA) is a privilege, not a right. Membership shall be made by application and is subject to the discretion of the executive committee. Membership or application may be terminated or rejected by the executive committee for cause detrimental to the interest of the association, it’s programs, policies, objective, and harmonious relationship of it’s members as determined by the executive committee.  A confirmation/welcome email will be sent once the membership application has been processed which will be within 3-4 weeks after their application and membership fees are received in the main office.

Membership Divisions
The UBRA has FOUR divisions in which a member can earn points and awards. NEW FOR 2018: THE UBRA HAS 3 HORSE INCENTIVE DIVISIONS in which points track by horse.Whichever membership you have is the class and division you can earn points in as well as compete at the UBRA World in.
1. Open Division – open to any age, sex.
2. Youth Division – 17 yrs and under as of Jan 1st.
3. Pee Wee Division – 8 years & under as of Jan 1st.
4.  Senior Division –  Riders 50 & over as of of Jan 1st.

1. Futurity Division –Horses 5 & under that have not competed prior to 12/1 of year preceding futurity. per horse.
2. Derby Division – Horses 7 & under that have are not eligible for the futurity.
3.  Open Horse Incentive – Open to any horse not eligible for the futurity or derby division.
Place the horse’s name in the “Member names(s):” box. Any unregistered horses can nominate to the “Open Horse” division. The unregistered horses must show proof of age and picture (copy of coggins work when they have a picture). For all “Open Horses” – make sure you use the same name.
****UBRA POINTS TRACK BY HORSE. RIDER MUST HAVE UBRA MEMBERSHIP FOR POINTS TO TABULATE.****A copy of the nominated horse must be submitted to the UBRA office (UBRA, LLC; 960 Bunyan Ave. Balsam Lake, WI 54810 or email to

Point Tabulation
Points are based on a 2D full second split for open, youth, senior and futurity divisions. Derby & Open Horse points are based on a 2D half second split. PeeWee points are non-divisional. 20 points for 1st place, 19 for 2nd, 18 for 3rd…1 for 20th. Open, youth, senior and peewee points may be earned in their respective age divisions in accordance to WSCA/producer rules for their respective divisions. PeeWee, Youth, Senior, Futurity & Derby  points may also be earned in the 1st open class if their class is not offered. All Open Horse Incentive points will be awarded from the 1st Open class. Rider Points will be taken on the horse earning the most points (only 1 set of points per horse per class and only 1 set of points per person per division per class). Example: You can win points in both divisions in the same class, on two different horses. You can not, however, win points on two horses, in the same division, for the same class. No trailer race. 30 run limit. Maximum number of runs to count for year end awards is 30. The 30 highest points will be used to determine the final point standings. Any combination of UBRA Produced double points shows and sanctioned open shows that total 30 runs. UBRA Tours were created for UBRA members as a benefit for UBRA members. UBRA members are eligible for additional Added Money/Awards – much like a sidepot. Points are based on 40 points for 1st place, 39 for 2nd…1 for 40th.

Results/Points Audits:
Results are posted online for everyone to view and audit 24×7. To submit an audit, simply email and include the date, location, class and members name (all information must be received for audit to be completed). All audits must be done within  14 days of the event in question. It is the members responsibility to audit their own points.

Members Conduct
Abuse of any kind to animals, property and persons is not tolerated. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner representing good sportsmanship at all times.

  • 1st Offense: Written Warning; and
  • 2nd Offense: Disqualification of event, termination of membership.Any points or SS$ will be forfeited.
    Any situation not covered above will be handled by UBRA personnel. This decision will be handled in a fair and reasonable manner, and will be final.

Entering Certified Show
Members must check appropriate boxes/supply name as registered with UBRA/UBRA # on entry forms to obtain points.

UBRA Members earn points at UBRA certified events for year end awards (National, State and Series). Titles will be determined by year long point accumulation. Point accumulation runs from 1/1 to 12/31 of each year. Any division that has over 50 members qualifies for its own state awards. Divisions with less than 50 members will be combined and known as the “Combined Region”. Runs with penalties will not receive any points. UBRA Gift Certificates are awarded for titles. Gift certificates do not equal cash. Awards and prizes are subject to change.

Annual State & National Hi-Point Standings:
Top 10 National Hi-Point Awards in Each of the Divisions
Top 10 State Awards for any division with over 100 members
Top 5 for divisions with over 50 members.
Choice of Saddle/Gift Certificates to Champion in division with 50+members
(ANY division: Youth, Open, PeeWee, Senior rider + Open Horse, Futurity or Derby)

Standings are updated online and available  24 x 7. Tie Breakers: In the event of a tie the value of gift certificates are added together and divided by the # of people tying. Ie: If there is a three way for 3rd, you take the 3rd, 4th and 5th place gift certificate add them together and divide them by 3. The same policy applies to payouts if a person ties for placing in a event that is PRODUCED by UBRA.

Arena/Producer Rules

UBRA World open to UBRA members who have obtained 8 qualifications. Qualifications can be earned from after the UBRA World up to Monday prior to event. Membership must be active to accumulate qualifications.Each entry in any UBRA certified class is considered a qualification. Example: A member attends a general jackpot event that offers 2 open classes, of which both are UBRA certified. They would receive 2 qualifications (1 per entry x 2 classes). If that same member entered 2 horses in both classes, they would obtain 4 qualifications. UBRA Tour events are double qualifying events.

$500 added money for UBRA members only sidepot on Saturday Open class (no average). $25 entry fee, 75% entry fee payback, 100% added money. Producer collect entries and submit results/entry fee check to UBRA Monday following the event. UBRA disperses winnings.

**Any & all decisions on items not covered here will be decided by the management and decisions by the management are final.