Certify your event(s) and allow members to earn points towards state
and world titles as well as qualify for the UBRA World!

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Let the United Barrel Racing Association help you reach more people with:

PRINT: Flyers at events, Membership Packets

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Complete a UBRA Certification form (online or  content/uploads/2019/03/CertificationForm.pdf”>print/mail application) and submit it with the appropriate fees which must be postmarked at least 14 days before your event. (*NOTE: Certification forms will be accepted up to 3 days prior to the event with stipulations.)

Display one of the UBRA logos below on your event flyer. If there are no conflicts with previously scheduled shows, you can be included in the UBRA calendar.

Producer Perks

Save 10-20% on all awards for UBRA certified events with no minimum orders!
Additional discounts will be emailed to UBRA producers as they become available. Saddles, tack, blankets, clothes, bags and more! Embroidery & Screen Printing Available! Contact Cassandra at  or (218) 579-0124 FMI

GRAND PRIZE Producers:
ALL producers that submit their results within 6 days of their event in excel will be placed into a random drawing for prizes at year end! *For multiple event producers you will receive multiple entries*

Discounts/Giveaways for Producers:
1) Submit results in preferred format
2) Have membership forms, flyers & UBRA info available where ALL can see (ie: entry table, by office)
3) Take a picture showing both items and share on social media tagging UBRA
*To be eligible for Discounts/Giveaways a Producer NEEDS to do ALL 3 of the above for the event*
For every 3 times they do the above as well as abide by the requirement of sending results within the 6 days – they earn a FREE UBRA certification!


  1. The standard UBRA certification fee is $25 and includes certification for each UBRA division (PeeWee, Youth, Open, Senior, Futurity,  Derby & Open Horse). Additional certified classes may be added for $5 per class. PRODUCER MUST SUPPLY FLYER/SCHEDULE OF EVENTS AND FEES WITH APPLICATION. ANY UBRA CERTIFIED CLASS MUST BE POSTED AND PUBLIC FOR EVERYONE TO VIEW.
    1. Examples:
      1. Jackpot Barrel Race:
        1. Standard certification includes: PeeWee (8 & under), Youth (17 & under), Senior (50 & over), Open w/ Futurity/Derby/Maturity sidepots. (Futurity sidepot open to horses 5 & under that have not competed prior to December 1 of year preceding futurity. Derby sidepot open to horses 7 & under who are not competing in Futurity. Maturity sidepot open to horses 7 & over not eligible for derby)
        2. Producer may add any additional class for $5. UBRA members earns points in their respective UBRA membership division class (ie: youth member earns points in youth class, open member in open class).
      2. WSCA Horse Show/Fun Show/Pay Day Event:
        1. Standard certification includes a class for UBRA members in each UBRA membership division to earn points in. (PeeWee, Youth, Senior, Open & Futurity/Derby/Maturity sidepot). Suggested WSCA classes: Pee Wee (rider 10 years and under), Junior Rider (11 to 13 years), Intermediate Rider (14 to 17 years), Senior Rider (18 to 34 years), Sr.+ Rider (35 to 49 years) and Sr.++ Rider (50 years and over).
        2. The producer may certify their jackpot class for an additional $5.
        3. Double judged classes will receive 1 set of points per class, not per judge
  2. UBRA Tour certification fees: UBRA Tour events are double point events and double UBRA certification fees. They are limited per state/region to no more than 2 per state. To be considered for Tour benefits, an event must have a min. $2,000 Added and be open to everyone with no non-member fees. Directors have top priority. Events that have supported the UBRA in past and hosted successful Tour events will be given special consideration.

PROTECTED RADIUS: There will be a protected radius of 200 miles for Tour events unless approved by Tour director.

CERTIFICATION DEADLINE: Complete a UBRA Certification form and submit it with the appropriate fees which must be post marked 14 days prior your event. Any events that have to be re-scheduled may use do so by notifying the UBRA within 48 hours of date change or the event cannot be re-scheduled within 5 days and credit for certification will not be given. NOTE: Certifications forms may be accepted up to 3 days prior to the event with stipulations.

Arena/Producer Rules:

Arena rules are left to the discretion of each producer/arena. They must be made available to contestant upon their request, included in advertising and be prominently posted at the events. Each producer is in charge of their own show, rules and guidelines.

The producers simply submit the complete class results within 7 days of the event to as an excel file via email. Please include any new memberships accepted at your event with the email including the results. Results should include columns for first name, last name, horse, time and class. If you would like the UBRA to email you the preferred excel file that also includes formulas for payout and draw sorting – simply request by emailing

TIME FRAME on results/audits:

1) GRAND PRIZE Producers: ALL producers that submit their results within 6 days of their event in excel will be placed into a random drawing for prizes at year end.   For multiple event producers you will receive multiple entries!!

2) ALL RESULTS/AUDITS are due within 14 DAYS of the event!!! This is a requirement!

3) After the 14 Days of not turning results in, the producer will be fined $25

4) After 30 Days the Producer will be fine another $25.  If not paid and received by day 35 the producers certification will be revoked and public announcement will be made that points are not counting for their show/event.

Members are encourage to enter there name the same way as they have registered with the UBRA for point tabulation to follow them throughout the year. It is the producers only responsibility to submit the results. The UBRA calculates the points and publishes them online.