July 13, 2019 all-day
East Lynne

$100 added

UBRA Approved
BBR Approved
Bonus Race Qualifier Approved

Office opens at 11am
Warm ups start at noon
Race starts at 2 pm

Cash Payout 75% payback 100% added money to payout even per D

Arena Fee $5 per person
Warm ups $5
Peewee $ 5 10 and under as of Jan 1st
Youth 4D EF $20 1/2 1/2 whole splits 17 and under as of Jan 1st
Open 4D EF $30 1/2 1/2 whole splits
Senior 3D Sidepot EF $ 10 1/2 second splits (50 and over)
Adult 3D Sidepot EF $10 1/2 second splits (19-49)
Derby 3D sidepot EF $10 1/2 second splits (horses 7 and under)
Furturity 3D sidepot EF $10 1/2 second splits (horses 5 and under have not competed prior to 12-1-17)
$1 per rider photographer fee

No Dress code
No membership required EVERYONE welcome!!!

BBR Rules to be followed
June 1st
June 8th
June 15th
June 22nd
July 21st cancelled due to rain
July 28th

This series will all be on Saturdays! We will be giving away 4 buckles in the open and youth divisions. Working on getting a sponsor for our peewee group, maybe 2, 1 for ride alone and 1 for lead line. Depending on interest. If you know someone who would be interested in sponsoring the peewee buckles please have them contact me.
Remember the more nominations the more placings we will be doing at the end of the series.

Bring on summer!!!!!

Rules for the Award Series:
1) Cash only Entries/ Cash payout

2) Points will be awarded as follows:

Open class 10 points per D to nominated horse/rider combo. (highest placing nominated combo 10 down to 1)

Youth 5 points per D to nominated horse/rider combo. (highest placing nominated combo 5 down to 1)

Peewee points 5 per rider horse nominated combo in the ride alone and lead line class. Each will have separate points. If you start in lead line or Ride alone you must stay in that class to continue collecting points.

Nomination fee per horse and rider combo per class: $20

3) Points will NOT be awarded until Horse/Rider is nominated. Must be nominated before you run.

4) Series of 6 shows must attend 4 shows to be eligible for awards.

5) We will be awarding Champion Buckles and a reserve prize to be announce per D to Open and Youth classes
If we have more than 35 nominated (combined with youth and Open) in for the awards we will give 3 awards per D.
Peewee prizes will die determined by # nominated.

6) Entries will be excepted until first horse runs in the class.

7) Excessive correction or abuse WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. You will be asked to leave and not allowed to compete in the rest of the series. No Refund of award fee or Entry fee.

8) Promoters have the right to ask anyone to leave.

9) Tie Breakers will be decided by:
a) most shows attended,
b) most shows placing in that D,
c) money earned in that D.

10) At end of the series the winners will be need to be present to receive award.

11) A down barrel is a NT,

12) Do not circle a barrel to correct your horse, please be considerate of the others in your drag.

13) Promoters decision is final.

14) No ALCOHOL ALLOWED on grounds

15) No Refunds will be given for nomination fees.

16. No refunds of entry fees once the 1st horse runs.

17) All Dogs MUST be on a leash according to City of East Lynne

**** watch for updates
*****Please come and have fun.