Greetings UBRA members, sponsors and producers!

The UBRA Directors have been discussing the schedule for the 2019 UBRA World & JJ Classic and would like your input. At our last director meeting, the votes were split.

Points brought up by directors:

  • I would vote for “LEAVING AS IS” I feel you will lose some contestants and if your letting PeeWees run in youth then they will have to get horses ready twice.
  •  “LEAVING AS IS” because I feel there is a strong possibility that we will lose entries and hosting fees by putting the Youth and Senior at the end on Saturday and Sunday.
  • I voted to  “LEAVING AS IS”, here is why. I have been to many shows and have worked many offices. I find that you can get more to enter in these classes if you put them first, then they don’t have to wait all day or night to run. It also helps to split up horses if you are entering more and carry over to the open. It also is easier in the office when you can get the youth and senior results done while the open is running with it being the largest class. I also think when you are wanting people to stay and pick up awards they stay when the open is last.

On another note – EXCITING NEWS!!!! We will have stall reservations available by stall!!! Contestants will be able to reserve the stall they want, no double booking or stall chart mess!

The JJ Classic 1st payment is due June 1st. We’ll also start taking UBRA World entries at the same time the JJ Classic online entry form becomes available so EVERYONE has equal opportunity to reserve stalls, warm ups, exhibitions, etc. 🙂

2019 UBRA World Schedule Survey

PLEASE VOTE - A. LEAVE AS IS: Same schedule as Friday (PeeWee, Youth, Senior, Open) B. CHANGE SAT & SUN: Friday stays as above. Sat. & Sunday change to have Youth and Senior follow the Open. Most Youth & Senior also enter the open. Many of the Senior ride multiple horses. Putting them in open draw would allow more time for horses changes and the show to run a bit quicker....downside, we wouldn't be able to do awards for Youth and Senior before the end of the show like we have in the past.
  • Everyone that is associated with the UBRA is encouraged to vote.
  • Feel free to list any notes, suggestions, ideas or suggestions here. If you are interested in helping at the event or anytime, please include that here as well. Thank you!