Lacey’s Legacy now accepting nominees! Happy heavenly Birthday Lacey Kuschel!!

The UBRA is proud to present an award to honor Lacey Kuschel. This honor is meant to be awarded to an individual who exemplifies all that made Lacey the legendary woman she was. Those nominated should have traits of resilience, compassion, a hard work ethic, and an insurmountable drive to succeed and achieve their goals. This person does not need to be a big time 1D money earner or pro rodeo winner, while Lacey had both of those on her resume, what made her who she was, were her drive and hunger for knowledge and excellence in all areas of her life. She valued education and loved to learn; she read books and asked questions. The receiver of this award would be an individual who uses the tools they have, and maximizes them to the absolute fullest. This person would share their gifts with others, and remain humble regardless of their successes. Lacey valued those who were loyal, real, kind, and resourceful. To receive this honor is to be compared to an individual who touched countless lives in her short time on earth. This person would see it as an incredible honor to continue Lacey’s pursuit of greatness and carry on all that she left behind; this person would be fit to carry on Lacey’s Legacy.

Nominees can be emailed to Nominations will close June 15th and winner will be selected by the Kuschel family and presented an award at the 2019 UBRA World & JJ Classic.